What is Project Quit?

Project Quit is a community of Arizonans trying to quit tobacco. Four have courageously volunteered to share their story. Watch their journeys unfold here to celebrate their victories, empathize with the challenges and share your own quitting experiences, too.

The 120 Day Check-In

Goals, strategies, coaching, challenges, setbacks, success—they're all a part of the process when you commit to quit tobacco for good. Learn the science behind addiction and quitting as we check in on our Project Quit participants' journey toward tobacco-free lives.

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Join Project Quit

Tobacco affects people physically, mentally and socially. We know what it’s like to struggle to stop. That’s why we created Project Quit. Become part of our community today to get the support you need, and we can quit together.

Quitting Support and Resources

From personal quitting stories to complementary tools to live support, find the resources you need here.