What is Project Quit

Anyone can join. Everyone can quit.

People from all walks of life use tobacco, and trying to quit is a struggle for everyone. Project Quit is a community of Arizonans quitting tobacco. Recently, four courageous people made a commitment to quit tobacco. We tracked their progress for 30 days and filmed their unscripted stories. They shared their feelings, emotions, and lives with us throughout the quitting process. We invite you to watch their journey to becoming tobacco-free.

Project Quit is about you, too. If you’re ready to quit tobacco, we invite you to join Project Quit. We know what addiction is like. Tobacco has characteristics that affect people physically and mentally. In fact, nicotine is more addictive than many illegal narcotics.

Join Project Quit and you’ll be connected with other people who are trying to quit tobacco. You can celebrate successes and empathize with their challenges. You’ll also be able to utilize free resources and talk to a professional ASHLine Quit Coach. Even if you’ve tried and failed before, you can be tobacco-free. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

All Project Quit and ASHLine resources are available to you for free.

Many Arizonans still smoke. But many also want to quit.

Currently 19% of adults in Arizona smoke cigarettes, and 58% of them have tried to quit in the past. We’re always looking for ways to give them a helping hand. For almost 20 years, Arizona has been a leader among US states in passing anti-tobacco legislation and creating anti-tobacco campaigns. In fact, we’ve earned an ‘A’ for five consecutive years from the American Lung Association. Project Quit and the ASHLine help tobacco users stick with their commitment to quit for good.